It's incredible when the POTUS is connected to the people of the USA, especially right now when Hurricane Harvey has caused havoc in Texas. The White House press secretary revealed on Thursday that President Donald Trump had promised to pledge $1 million from his personal money to help the affected victims in Texas and Lousiana. Sarah Huckabee Sanders clarified that the president wanted to join in the efforts which he had seen many people across the country do and had not yet decided which organizations he was going to hand over the donations. He had instructed her to consult the journalists on which groups are reliable in providing aid.

Trump’s donation is one of the largest in history

Mr. Trump’s pledge is one of the biggest financial commitment ever done by a president in power, towards charity. Former President, Barack Obama donated funds to Boston bombing victims, the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, and also gave $200,000 from his Nobel Peace Prize to a relief foundation for Haiti earthquake victims. It is not clear whether the donations will come from Trump’s Foundation or his bank account, but the press secretary stated that it would come from his personal funds. His commitment is part of a campaign urging Americans to donate to charitable organizations for the money to help in recovery mission from Harvey. On Tuesday, Mr.

Trump campaign organization, sent out an email to ask for contributions to several charities in the Gulf.

The President has donated in the past

Mr. Trump has the heart for donations. He donated his first two-quarters of his presidential pay to the National Park Service and the Department of Education. The first couple visited Corpus Christi in Texas on Tuesday and are scheduled to travel to Texas and Lousiana on Saturday.

Mike Pence, the Vice President, visited Rockport, Texas on Thursday. Upon making the donation, Mr. Trump will join a long list of donors who pledged at least $1 million donations. The Allstate and Abbvie foundations have promised $1.55 million and $1 million respectively. Reliant has already donated $2 million, and Vizient has announced a $1 million donation raised from its employees.

Critics feel Trump’s donation is little, as he once said about it

Donald Trump’s critics can’t allow it to pass like that though. The size of his fortune has triggered an unending debate. During his presidential campaign, he had said that the $1 million his father had given him in 1968 to start his real estate business was just a “small loan.” The amount of money at that time is equivalent to $7 million today, according to an inflation calculator. Critics are questioning why Trump was giving out the “small amount” to the Harvey relief effort. Trump also has a history of taking money out of his charity for personal use. Donald Trump is estimated to be worth almost $10 billion.