Plus-sized model Lesego Legobane has become the latest victim to online body shaming. The model's photograph was used in comparison to a different body type. The model has since responded to this body shaming and has received support from such celebrities as Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj.

An aspiring rapper body shamed the model

According to the Mirror, an up and coming rapper by the name of Leyton used the image of a plus-sized model in a negative light. Leyton made a post on Twitter in which he compared a skinny girl to the plus-sized model. He stated that he liked the skinnier girl but that he only ever got interest from thicker women.

The plus-sized model is Lesego Legobane and her attention was quickly brought to the use of her image. Fans of the South African model tweeted out at her so that she would be aware of the use of her image. The model was disgusted by the post and decided to fight back against the online abuse.

In a report by the Kansas City Star, the model posted the image, which Leyton used and stated that she did not like him. She then went into more detail about what Leyton had said and stated that it was wrong to assume that women are desperate simply because they may be plus sized.

Legobane claimed that she is sick of seeing this negative representation of women online and stated that men like Leyton needed to checked.

The model has gained support not only from the public but also from celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande.

Legobane has won over the public online

According to the Revelist, the public has been celebrating Legobane's take down of rapper Leyton online. The model took down the rapper's negative post with only four words and fans of the model have since been showering the model with love and support.

In a report by the Mirror, hundreds of people have been retweeted Legobane's response. The model has received an abundance of praise from people all over the world. Some fans have been stating that Legobane's response is by far the best take down of 2017. Others have been posting gifs of support online expressing their pride in Legobane for taking on Leyton.

According to Buzzfeed, Legobane has claimed that it is very important for her to be a role model for other plus sized women out there. The model is extremely involved with the fashion industry. She has claimed that it is important for her to be a role model to other women and hopes that she inspires people to be comfortable with their own bodies.

Leyton has not made a reply to Legobane's comment and it is clear that the rapper did not anticipate such a response.