Oprah Winfrey is well known for her famous interviews. The celebrity built her show up from nothing as she interviewed everyone from ordinary people, victims of crime, criminals themselves and eventually celebrities. The Talk Show Host recently revealed one of her tricks to ensuring a good interview.

The talk show host has revealed her formula

According to the Insider, Oprah Winfrey has revealed the question that she asks guests before she starts her interview with them. The talk show host is famous for her in-depth and honest interviews with celebrities and it turns out that Winfrey has a method to her success.

Oprah said that she makes sure to ask each Guest what their intentions are regarding the interview outcome. She explained how it is important for her guests to have thought about what they want to accomplish by the end of the interview. Winfrey claimed that this is one of the reasons behind her successful interviews.

In the report by the Insider, Oprah said that she learned early on in her life that it is important to know what one's intentions are in life. She claimed that the "Oprah Show" was number one for so many years because that was her own intention for the show. The talk show host explained how important it is to always be looking towards the future and the impact that they want to have in their lives.

Winfrey revealed what every guest asks her

Oprah Winfrey also revealed to The Insider, the one question that her guests ask her at the end of their interviews. The talk show host said that her guests will often lean over and ask if their interview was okay. The star made this claim during her promotion for the new reality TV series titled "Released." She took a few minutes on the panel to answer questions that the audience had for her.

Winfrey said that everyone wants to have the knowledge that what they said mattered. She explained that guests want to know that they were seen and heard by the audience. The talk show host mentioned that it does not matter who the person is that she is interviewing. She claimed that this has been the case for people across the board, such as Barack Obama, murderers, singers and actors alike.

Oprah noted that she was shocked when one guest, in particular, asked her if their interview was alright. Winfrey explained that when she had Beyoncé on the show that the celebrity asked for Winfrey's approval after the interview. Winfrey joked that Beyoncé did not have to ask as everything she does has such a huge impact on the world.

Winfrey has confirmed that she will be returning to the small screen for a documentary series called "Released" which follows the lives of former inmates during their first few months of freedom.