Kendall Jenner and NBA star Blake Griffin have been spending a lot of time together. They are pictured in LA going on dates for six consecutive nights, a report by The Daily Mail suggests. It appears that they are fostering a new relationship. This comes across a slightly confusing for Jenner fans because of just last month, the supermodel confirmed that she is still dating a rapper, A$AP Rocky. According to a report by People, sources close to the model say that she is “playing the field,” by trying to enjoying what both the guys have to offer to her.

Kendall and Griffin spending time together

According to TMZ, Kendall and Griffin were last seen together on the beach in Malibu. She seemed to be smitten by Griffin’s presence, but the duo did not offer any public display of affection. It’s worthy of noting that the couple was accompanied by a group of friends. These friends were even asked to comment on their relationship and that brushed the dating rumors off by saying that they are “pals, hanging out.” An insider told The Daily Mail that Kendall is still very much in touch with Rocky. Since the rapper isn’t the kind to settle down, or at least be the appropriate boyfriend, she is “playing the field too,” the insider added. Just last week, Kendall made the headlines as sources close to her revealed her plans as far as dating was concerned.

No long-term commitment by Kendall

They said that the supermodel wasn’t looking for anything serious at the moment. The celebrity has a very busy schedule and thus, can’t keep up with any long-term commitment. “Work will soon take over her life again, so who knows what will happen with Blake then,” a report by IOL quoted the insider as saying.

Her number one priority is to make a great career ahead but she also wants to keep her options open.

There are also times when she is completely alone. According to a recent Daily Mail report, she was spotted at Gemma restaurant of The Bowery Hotel as grabbing a meal alone. She wore an oversize camouflage swear and paired it up with black-colored sweatpants.

To top the relaxed look up, she carried a Louis Vuitton hand bag. She was also accompanied by several of her other friends but they did not join her for the meal. Looks like she needs some alone time to wage her choices. She recently wrapped up a photoshoot with another rumored boyfriend. Kendall brushed it off by saying that they are just good friends and nothing else.