The fifth ‘Indiana Jones’ film is currently under development but one thing is sure as of this time, Shia Lebeouf’s character, Mutt Williams will not be part of the film. This latest information on “Indiana Jones” cast was revealed by the film’s writer David Koepp in an interview by Entertainment Weekly.

Mutt Williams or Henry Jones III was introduced in the fourth film, “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” as Indy's illegitimate son. His mother was Marion Ravenwood who appeared in the very first film, "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

Harrison Ford continues to play Indy in the upcoming fifth film in spite of hints and talks that his character will give way to younger hero, Koepp confirmed.

Koepp and Spielberg mostly satisfied with the story

There may be a number of reasons why Indiana Jones son will not appear and join his father in another exciting adventure this time around.

First, the story line simply does not involve Mutt as of the moment. Koepp, however, only stated to EW that the story would be about “some precious artifact that they’re all looking for.” We’ll so was every Indiana Jones story in the past.

Koepp says he and film director Steven Spielberg are now satisfied basically with the current state of Indiana Jones 5 screenplay and production could begin soon. “I know we’ve got a script we’re mostly happy with,” Koepp said.

It would depend on the director and Harrison Ford when will the film starts shooting, the screenwriter added.

Marion Ravenwood's return

It should be noted though that Mutt’s mother, Marion Ravenwood, appeared in the very first film of the franchise, "The Raiders of the Lost Ark" but not in the subsequent two Indy movies.

Marion Ravenwood, who was played by Karen Allen, reunite with her former lover in the “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” where Mutt Williams or Henry Jones III was introduced as Indy’s illegitimate son with Marion.

The three of them joined in the quest to return the Crystal Skull to Akator also known as El Dorado. Indy and Marion wed each other at the end.

So Matt, like his mother, could appear in future "Indiana Jones" films.

Relationship with Harrison Ford

Another obvious reason may be the not so cordial relationship between Shia LaBeouf and Harrison Ford brought about by the comment made by LaBeouf in 2010.

In an interview with the LA Times, the actor criticized the film production and told the paper that he felt as if he “dropped the ball on the legacy that people loved and cherished.” LeBeouf also commented that Harrison Ford was not also pleased with “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.”

According to EW, Harisson Ford responded to LeBeouf’s comment in the LA Times by calling him a “f—g idiot.”

It is still unclear if the two have patched up their differences already.

‘Indiana Jones 5’ release date is July 19, 2020, according to Disney.