pitbull is doing his part to provide assistance to those who are in dire need after Hurricane Maria battered Puerto Rico just a few days ago. Although the artist did not disclose his effort to help the people from the island, his act of kindness was brought to light by a congresswoman who thanked him for his benevolence.

"Thanks to singer [Pitbull] for lending private plane to transfer cancer patients from Puerto Rico to the United States so that they can take their chemo," Jennifer Gonzalez wrote on Twitter.

Celebrities send help to Hurricane Maria victims

When asked about his kind gesture, the rapper, whose real name is Armando Christian Perez, said he is thankful to God for giving him the chance to help others with His blessings. Aside from the "Timber" artist, several other celebrities have also stepped up to help their fellow Americans in Puerto Rico.

In fact, Jennifer Lopez promised to donate $1 million to provide relief efforts in the U.S. territory. The "Ain't Your Mama" singer also revealed that they have not heard from their family members living in Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria hit the island.

She and her partner, Alex Rodriguez, reassured that they will make use of their resources and connections to help the people of Puerto Rico.

Jennifer Lopez also urged the public to do their part in helping those who were displaced by the typhoon.

Gina Rodriguez also used her influence to encourage her fans to extend their helping hands in this trying times.

Ricky Martin, on the other hand, launched his own fundraising effort to provide assistance to his fellow Puerto Ricans.

The "She Bangs" artist, like JLo, is also waiting to hear from his brother who is living in the U.S. territory.

Singers call out U.S. government to address ongoing crisis

Meanwhile, Daddy Yankee called out the U.S. government to double its effort in helping Puerto Rico recover from the crisis. The "Despacito" singer, who is a native of the island, also reminded the public that Puerto Ricans are also Americans who should benefit from the federal funds and government assistance.

Similarly, Marc Anthony specifically targeted Donald Trump for failing to provide immediate response to Puerto Rico crisis. The singer-songwriter asked the POTUS to address more important issues instead of attacking NFL and its athletes for allegedly disrespecting the American flag for joining the "Take A Knee" movement over the weekend.