Mike is ready to take Pearson Specter Litt to the next level as plans to boost the business with a Power Move in “Suits” Season 7, Episode 9. However, Harvey’s past might be a roadblock for the plan. Meanwhile, Rachel’s father, Robert Zane is likely to team up with his daughter in the penultimate episode. Does daddy Zane have any ulterior motives behind this? Warning: This article contains spoilers from the upcoming episode of the series.

Episode 9 spoilers

According to the official synopsis released by the network, Mike wants to push forward a power move that can help the business and give it some boost.

However, things get complicated because of Harvey’s past. Meanwhile, Rachel Zane is shocked when her father Robert offers her a chance to join forces with him. But, it has to be seen if Robert truly wants to help her or he has something else planned against Harvey and his firm. Elsewhere, Brian is mentored by Louis Litt. The chemistry between Louis and Brian will be an interesting watch in the episode.

After last week’s 100th episode, The Hollywood Reporter spoke with episode director Patrick J. Adams (Mike) and executive producer Aaron Korsh about the special installment. Adams was asked about his reaction after he read the episode titled “100.” He stated that after seven years, he felt like this episode could be a love letter to the show as the writer wrote it that way.

He added that the episode has numerous classic moments. He mentioned that it was an opportunity for him to showcase what he has learned not just as an actor but as a director.

The actor is also asked how the tone was different in the 100th episode compared to the early days. Adams stated that “Suits” grew up over the years and so does everyone associated with it.

He added that the cast members were interested in portraying the roles as they are more weighted. Talking about weighted, Korsh stated that at this stage they are quite established and are able to introduce “darker storyline like Mike going to jail.” Now, that he is out of prison and an integral part of the team, it will be interesting to see how he takes things forward for Pearson Specter Litt.

How to watch Episode 9 online?

Fans of the show can watch the latest episode of “Suits” online through live stream mode on USA. The episode will telecast on the USA Network on Wednesday, Sept. 6. The final episode of the current season titled "Donna" will air on Wednesday, Sept. 13.