Peggy Sulahian is new to "The Real Housewives of orange county" but she may know what it's like to be on a reality show. Peggy hasn't filmed a reality show before, but she knows how to speak out and share her mind, even though it may not sit well with her co-stars. On "The Real Housewives of Orange County," Meghan King Edmonds broke down in tears after kelly dodd told her that she needed to be at home with her daughter instead of drinking with her friends.

This was one of the first times that Meghan had gone out without Aspen as the little baby was almost 3 months old.

While Meghan got plenty of support from Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador, and even Lydia McLaughlin, Peggy believed that Meghan was just overreacting and was being emotional because she was stressed out for different reasons.

While Kelly Dodd suggested that something was going on with her marriage to Jimmy, Peggy is now revealing that she thinks that Meghan is stressed because it is hard to balance her Social Life now that she's a mother to a little girl. Meghan has broken down several times while filming the show and she blames the hormones and breastfeeding. But her co-stars seem to be a lot more aggressive when it comes to judgments. Peggy believes that Meghan is realizing just how tough it is to have a newborn, as she needs to put herself second.

Balance social life

According to a new report, Peggy Sulahian is now accusing Meghan of acting out because she is unable to keep her social life. Of course, King Edmonds is often tweeting about events and things, even before Aspen was born. But Meghan wanted to feel what it was like to give birth to a little girl. She wanted to experience everything that her co-stars had gone through as they had each had several children.

But Peggy is now questioning whether Meghan is growing tired of being with a newborn, as she is now choosing to go out with her girlfriends and cry rather than stay at home with her daughter.

"The allegations started with Meghan, but she doesn’t see it that way considering Kelly also made accusations during Meghan’s pregnancy.

It might just be too hard for her to balance an infant, and still maintain a social life. Although I understand where she’s coming from, I have to take Kelly’s side in this situation," Sulahian reveals in her blog for Bravo.

Baby was not a mistake

Kelly Dodd revealed that she thought Meghan should've stayed at home, but Peggy believes that Meghan is just realizing how hard it is to balance a social life with a newborn. She's essentially hinting that Meghan may have some regrets about having a child now as she can no longer attend the social events.

The accusations seem harsh and essentially unnecessary. Meghan has expressed nothing but joy over having her daughter. Many mothers would agree it is hard to raise a newborn as a first-time mom.

She's constantly questioning whether she's doing everything right and if Aspen is indeed doing as well as she should be.

One can imagine that Meghan wanted to have her friends be supportive of her, but her co-stars have a hard time feeling sorry for her, as they didn't have all the help that she has. As Kelly has previously pointed out, Meghan has the support of her friends and family, and an additional nanny. Perhaps Peggy is in agreement with Kelly, so there is not any sympathy to gain there either.

What do you think about Peggy Sulahian’s comments that Meghan is just angry because she can't balance her social life with a newborn? Do you think Peggy is right that Meghan is just upset as she can't figure out how to go out and have fun with friends while still feeling like she's a good mother to little Aspen?