Radar Online shared some pretty shocking news about Peggy Sulahian of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" today. It turns out that she allegedly banned her brother from their father's funeral due to the fact that he is gay. If this is true, that would change the impression that a lot of people have of Peggy.

What did Peggy allegedly do?

Peggy's brother, Pol’ Atteu has a fiancé, Patrik Simpson. Insiders say that Peggy tried to ban both of them from coming to their father's funeral when he died last year. A source close to the family shared a few details saying that Peggy didn't even let her brother know that her father was dying.

She allegedly didn't say anything to him until he had already passed away, but this was because she didn't want him coming to the hospital at all. Of course, this would be hard on anyone and the source said it broke her brother's heart.

The source went on to explain that when Peggy's father passed away she called and let them know that she didn't want them to come to the funeral. She even allegedly said that they would be kicked out if they showed up and that they didn't want "their kind" there.

Peggy isn't sharing her side

So far, Peggy isn't sharing her thoughts at all on these accusations. Peggy is new to "The Real Housewives of orange county" this season and the fans would love to hear her version of this story.

Nobody really knows Peggy well enough this season to have much of an opinion on her.

The source shared that they went ahead and came to the funeral. Peggy's husband allegedly tried to kick them out of the funeral, but nothing was going to stop them from being there. The source even said that Peggy doesn't allow her children to be around her brother at all either.

It sounds like she is the only one who doesn't accept him, though. The source said that Peggy's parents were just fine with her brother being gay.

Now one person is speaking out and that is Peggy's brother. Radar Online was able to reach him and he said, "Unfortunately it is all true. She is extremely homophobic and, yes, it is heartbreaking.” The fans really hate to hear this news about her.

Only time will tell if they can fix their relationship at all in the future.

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