The 1.4 million followers of Paris Jackson on Instagram were given a hint as to the direction her modeling career would take. A topless photo she posted indicates her attitude toward nudity, which is quite common in the fashion world. The photo became viral with more than 100,000 likes, but she later deleted it.

The photo showed the 19-year-old topless and smoking. Aware that the black-and-white image would likely generate controversy, Paris included a long message for her critics. She pointed out that nudism, as a movement, began as a way of returning to nature.

Nudity does not have to be sexual

She also sees being nude as a philosophy. By helping Paris connect to the earth, nudity is a beautiful thing in her eyes and does not necessarily translate to being sexual, BBC reported. Michael Jackson’s daughter insisted that the human body is beautiful despite its flaws such as scars, stretch marks, flab, or freckles. People, she believes, should express themselves regardless of their comfort level without clothes.

But Paris conceded that her topless photos could upset some of her followers. If so, she asked her Instagram followers to unfollow her. But she refused to apologize for posting her nude photo because it is who she is. The teen said she refuses to shy away and hide her beliefs.

Naked in the garden

Paris, who inked a modeling contract with IMG Models (who manage Kaia Gerber and Gisele Bundchen), revealed that when she gardens, she is usually naked. Nudity is also a way of conveying her feminist ideas. Being nude is one way to express yourself as much as being conservative and wearing a lot of clothes.

Paris is aware that some people will not agree with her opinions.

Paris said modeling is cathartic because she had self-esteem issues before. But, when modeling, she forgets about those issues and focuses on what the photographer is telling her, and it makes her feel pretty. Paris shared in the past about being sexually assaulted as a teenager, suffering from depression and her suicide attempt in 2013. It would appear that she has certainly put much of that behind her now.