The season premiere of "Outlander" season 3 is fast approaching and fans are already too excited to see the continuation of Jamie and Claire's romance. The series was part of Entertainment Weekly's A-list and was featured in the recently held subscribers-only event. The lead stars of the series, Sam Heughan, and Caitriona Balfe were present for the said event. As expected, more details and spoilers for "Outlander" were revealed, further fueling the hype and excitement for the upcoming premiere.Additionally, the lead stars also shared some interesting information about the series and behind the scenes tidbits.

With a twenty-year time jump a central point in the plot of "Outlander" Season 3, major changes are expected not only in the set and costumes but the characters as well. Many characters that the fans have grown to love are expected to say goodbye in season 3 while new faces will also be introduced.

Time spent apart is worth the wait

In the first few episodes of "Outlander" Season 3, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe's characters are expected to spend some time apart. However, their time spent apart will definitely be worth it as their long distance relationship that transcends time will go full circle in an episode where they will reunite in a print shop.

The portrayal of Heughan and Balfe as Jamie and Claire in the series seems to be very effective as observed by the growing population of their fan base.

Their on-screen chemistry is also very commendable and convincing, igniting rumors that they are dating in real life. However, neither of them has confirmed their alleged romantic relationship.

An epic season to watch out for

In an interview with USA Today, Sam Heughan shared that "Outlander" season 3 will be an epic season and that the fans should brace themselves for the major changes in Jamie.

The major changes in each character are expected, especially since the series plays with a twenty-year time jump.

Additionally, spoilers reveal that Jamie and Claire will find themselves hurtling through different hardships in their respective worlds. The upcoming series will pick off from the heartbreaking scene in season 2 finale, where Claire decided to leave Jamie and go back to the present world. Claire tries to live a normal life in the present time, believing that Jamie didn't survive the Battle of Culloden. "Outlander" Season 3 is scheduled to premiere on September 10 on Starz.