Angelina Jolie is expected to end her acting hiatus after she took some time off following her announcement that she and Brad Pitt were separating last year. Although nothing is confirmed at the moment, the 42-year-old hinted that a "Maleficent" sequel is likely to happen for her big screen comeback.

Jolie is set to make a comeback after divorce drama

Aside from the follow-up movie, the actress is also considered for "Cleopatra" although she clarified that she has not committed to both films among other projects at the moment. Although she is looking forward to going back to acting, Angelina Jolie expressed her desire to remain behind the camera and focus on Directing.

In fact, she is currently promoting her new movie, titled "First They Killed My Father," which will be released in selected cinemas and on Netflix on September 15. She, however, acknowledged the uncertainties that come with directing. She is also unsure if she can have a career as a director or if the public will receive her directing projects.

Regardless of what she plans to do shortly, Angelina Jolie thought it is high time for her to go back to work as the breadwinner for the family. It is worth noting that the mother of six filed to divorce her estranged husband on the grounds of irreconcilable differences in September 2016.

Inside Pitt and Jolie's separation

In her divorce documents, the actress sought for physical custody of their children but did not request for a child or spousal support.

Her attorney said the decision was "made for the health of the family" and asked that the public respect the privacy of their family.

Brad Pitt, although saddened by the separation, said he would like to focus on the well being of their children in this difficult time. Meanwhile, an exclusive report by InTouch Weekly claimed that the "Fight Club" alum is seeking a bifurcation to make both of them single after the separation.

An insider said the actor has had enough of the divorce process and would like to start a new chapter sooner rather than later. It added that Brad Pitt is now ready to take back control of his life from his failed marriage with Angelina Jolie.

This report is contrary to claims that the "Mr & Mrs. Smith" duo were considering getting back together with their six children.

An affiliate even said that Angelina Jolie is not ruling out the possibility of reconciling with her estranged husband if he would ever beg to have her back.

A source close to Brad Pitt, however, said the actor thought it was too late to save their marriage after all that has been said and done since the separation was announced.