Oprah Winfrey has confirmed that she will be part of a segment for the show "60 minutes" in which she tackles issues that are important to her. The Talk Show Host has explained that she agreed to be part of the show as long as she could cover stories, which revealed the state of American politics.

Winfrey to tackle political divisions

According to the Christian Post, Oprah Winfrey will be featured on the season premiere of the show "60 Minutes." The show has reached its fifty-year anniversary and Winfrey was delighted to be a part of the program.

It has been confirmed that Winfrey filmed her section for the show in Michigan.

It is believed that she was covering the voter's decisions to back candidate Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential elections. Her segment will be one of great interest in the political world as she reveals that Michigan voted for the former President Obama two terms in a row.

In a report by Variety, a source has claimed that Oprah Winfrey wanted to cover stories that made a difference and had some sort of an impact on the world. The executive producer of "60 Minutes" has expressed that Winfrey was the right person for the role and praised her interest in real stories about real people.

The celebrity explained how she got involved in the show

According to Variety, Oprah Winfrey has opened up about how she ended up working with "60 Minutes." The celebrity explained that she had been in regular contact with the show over several years and had previously talked about the possibility of appearing on the series.

Oprah revealed that she had the idea for a political segment when she hosted a roundtable discussion for O Magazine.

The discussion she held consisted of women with opposite political beliefs. There were supporters of both Trump and Hilary who took part in the debate and Oprah felt that this issue could be further touched upon.

In a report by the Christian Post, Oprah recalled how she was able to get the women to converse with one another despite the evident underlying tension between them.

She stated that she wanted to continue the conversation and thus pitched the segment to the show "60 Minutes."

It has been confirmed that Oprah Winfrey's segment for the show will air on September 24, 2017. Fans of the famous talk show host are excited to see how she will approach the topic of the political divide as she explores the area of Michigan and the ideologies of the voters in that region.