Oprah Winfrey can usually get people to listen to her and take her advice. Even though she supported Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, she tells everyone to give Republican President-elect Donald Trump a chance because she recognized a glimmer of hope in his victory speech as well as when he met with President Obama a couple of days later. Many have not taken too kindly to what the queen of television said. They contend that her advice is not one of their favorite things.

Oprah's comment

During an interview with "Entertainment Tonight," the media mogul urged Hillary Clinton's supporters and those who are mourning her loss to the presidency to take a deep breath and give the winner of the election a chance to lead the United States.

In essence, Oprah said the same thing President Obama and Secretary Clinton had said earlier during their speeches. The 62-year-old explained that she was disappointed with the outcome of the election like many other Americans. Even so, she had noticed a change in Donald Trump since the election, and she believes there is hope for the future. She thinks he is being humbled by his victory. Oprah said she sensed a glimmer of hope unlike what she had seen on his campaign trail. Winfrey spoke about his body language being different and concluded that Trump's victory happened because his millions of supporters were excited about the change Trump promised.

Social media backlash

Oprah has received backlash from people on social media.

Many commenters did not agree with her assessment of seeing hope in the president-elect. They questioned her belief that he has humbled himself. They state that much of what Trump proposed won't affect Oprah personally, and that's why she could advise others to take a deep breath. Some people on Twitter said they were not going to listen to anything else Oprah has to say. So far, Oprah hasn't responded to the backlash. If she does, she will probably say what she said initially that people should give Donald Trump a chance to lead the country because there is hope.