Tom Hanks has revealed that he will reprise his Halloween role on the hit series "Saturday Night Live." The actor performed as the Pumpkin King in 2016 on the show and gained tremendous recognition for his portrayal of the character. The actor has been invited back for 2017, and it appears that he has agreed to reprise his role.

Hanks shared an image of a script online

According to io9, actor Tom Hanks took to social media to share an image of a script for another "Saturday Night Live" sketch. Hanks appeared as the character of David S. Pumpkin in 2016 on the Halloween showing of "Saturday Night Live, " and fans immediately Fell In Love with his character.

It was not long before Hanks had achieved internet fame as he was made into a meme.

Hanks has teased fans with this snippet of the script as the first line of the song reads, "who am I?" There is speculation as to whether this piece will surround the history of the Pumpkin King told comically by Hanks as he sings on stage. Fans are hoping that other Halloween characters will also play a part in the piece.

Fans are wondering if Hanks will, in fact, be returning to "Saturday Night Live" as he has a hectic schedule. Hanks has appeared in several movies over the past year alone including the likes of "The Post" and "The Circle." However, as the actor has shared this information with fans so far in advance, there is a good chance that the sketch will be going forward.

The character was a huge hit the first time around

In a report by PS., it has been revealed that the character of David S. Pumpkin was so lovable that Hanks won an award for the portrayal of this character. Hanks was nominated for an Emmy and won for the category of Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series. It appears that "SNL" wants to bring back the character in hopes of another win in 2017.

According to Cinema Blend, fans of "Saturday Night Live" are worried that the teased sketch starring Tom Hanks will be a flop. The show has been attached to several failed sketches in the past as they have simply recycled the same material. An example of this is Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer sketches, which were repeated so often they became monotonous in tone.

"Saturday Night Live" will be returning on September 30, 2017. The first episode of the show will be including such celebrities as Ryan Gosling and Jay-Z. It has not been confirmed which episode of the show Tom Hanks will appear in, but this will not be anytime before October.