Lady Gaga has recently come forward and revealed that she is suffering from the Chronic Pain disorder known as fibromyalgia. The singer has kept her disease a secret for the entirety of her career but has recently revealed all to her fans.

Gaga had to cancel her performance in music festival

According to Variety, singer Lady Gaga has had to cancel her upcoming performance in the Brazil music festival known as Rock in Rio. The singer took to social media to explain why she had to cancel and had revealed that she is currently in the hospital. Gaga stated that she is currently suffering Ill Health and later confirmed that she is suffering from chronic pain.

The singer apologized profusely to her fans and stated that she was incredibly sorry she had to cancel the music festival. Lady Gaga stated that she would love to perform, but that she has to put her body first before any performance. The celebrity asked for her fans to be supportive and understanding of the situation as it is one, which is out of her control.

According to Hello Magazine, the singer was worried that her fans would not understand her reasons for cancelling and has assured them that the situation is quite serious. Lady Gaga then revealed that a disease called fibromyalgia causes the pain.

The celebrity revealed her long fight with the disease

According to Hello Magazine, Lady Gaga has revealed to her fans that she has been battling an invisible disease known as fibromyalgia.

This is the first time that the singer has revealed that she is suffering from the disease. Gaga did reveal in 2015 that suffers from chronic pain but did not reveal that she was dealing with an ongoing illness.

The star posted to her Instagram account and revealed her secret to her fans. She posted an image of herself wrapped in foil in a sauna and explained that over the years she has tried several things to try to calm her symptoms.

The singer stated that she was moved by stories about similar illnesses, which she had heard over the years and claimed that it was time for her to come forward with her own story.

According to Variety, Lady Gaga's relationship with her disease is explored in much more detail in her Netflix documentary titled "Gaga: Five Foot Two." Fans were shocked to hear about the singer's dealings with the disease, and have expressed their love and support for their favorite celebrity.

Lady Gaga is currently in hospital undergoing treatment to help her chronic pain disorder. She has expressed her need for medical intervention to her fans who have showered the star with love and admiration.