Mel B and her estranged husband Stephen Belafonte filed for divorce several months ago. However, their divorce has not yet been granted as the couple is currently caught up in a court case surrounding custody of their children. Fans have been watching the case for weeks and are hoping that the judge will come to a decision shortly.

Belafonte is determined to clear his name

According to the Daily Mail, Stephen Belafonte has stated that he has submitted video evidence against his estranged wife Mel B. The couple is currently caught up in a court battle over both their impending divorce and custody over Mel B's children.

Mel B has accused Belafonte of abusing her both physically and emotionally. This has spurred Belafonte to produce these videos to the courts.

In a report by The Sun, Belafonte has already brought up Mel B's struggles with drugs to the courts. He has stated that she is an unfit mother and that he should be granted part-time, if not full-time custody of some of the children. Mel B has since denied these claims that she abused drugs and alcohol despite the fact that she has admitted having troubles with substance abuse in the past.

According to the Mirror, Belafonte plans to show the videos in the next court hearing. A source has revealed that one of the videos shows the couple arguing as Belafonte holds up a bag full of white powder.

Stephen will be claiming that he and his wife were arguing about her substance abuse.

The pair had an agreement to protect their children

According to the Mirror, both Mel B and Stephen Belafonte had agreed to keep their divorce proceedings civil for the sake of their children. The last thing they wanted was for the kids to suffer unnecessarily and Mel B has claimed that they both agreed to try to keep the news of their divorce out of the media.

It appears that Belafonte is no longer adhering to the agreements that the couple made. The estranged husband has stated that he will be revealing personal videos to the courts as proof against some of Mel B's claims against him. Mel B has previously stated that Belafonte was having an affair with the children's nanny in her home.

In a report by the Daily Mail, Belafonte has claimed that he will be showing a video of him, his wife, and the nanny engaging in consensual sexual activity with one another. Mel B has pleaded with the judge to not show these videos, as she is afraid of how they will affect her children.

The divorce proceedings between the couple continue to be a bitter battle and Mel B is desperately hoping that the judge will grant their divorce. Mel B wants nothing more than to protect her children in this situation, and is hoping that Belafonte will come to this realization.