The teenage love story between Reed Helstrom and Mattie Ashby on "The Young and The Restless" is about to take another hit. Cane finds out that his daughter has been skipping school in order to see Victoria's son. He will attack the young man and Vicky will come at him in defense of her child.

The never ending drama between Cane and Victoria

Once upon a time Cane and Victoria had a great working relationship. All of that changed because of Mr. Ashby's lapse in judgment in Tokyo. He drank too much in Japan and was unaware he had sex with Juliet. When she told him, he begged her to keep it secret.

Cane next tried to sabotage Billy in Hollywood, and it cost "Brash and Sassy" a lot of money. Juliet took the fall and was fired. She retaliated by suing the company and Cane for sexual harassment. After it all came to light Cane also was fired. He has not however taken any responsibility for his actions and continues to blame Vicky. Now it is affecting their children Reed and Mattie.

Victoria and Lily advised the teens to take a step back from their budding relationship while Cane made it plain to his daughter that he absolutely does not want his daughter to date the son of his former boss. On Tuesday as Hilary and Cane are discussing their strategy for keeping Jordan and Lily apart, Reed has convinced Mattie to skip French class to come to his house.

Cane gets a call that his daughter has missed her morning class and decides to find out why.

The action between Victoria and Cane goes down on Tuesday

Previews for Tuesday show Victoria asking Cane,"What the hell are you doing in my house?" He obviously figures out that his daughter has gone to see Reed and this is where he confronts the teen.

In Cane Ashby's mind, Reed Helstrom is trouble and will cause his daughter problems. Mattie is a straight A student and skipping school was not something that she had been doing. Cane does not want his gifted child to end up in trouble, especially because of the son of the woman who he feels ruined his life.

Spoiler alerts have not said what direction the teen love story will take, but all this drama from the parents will only cause Reed and Matie to lean on each other more.

Victoria and Cane arguing right in front of them is going to have a lasting impact on the young couple, who only want to be left alone to explore their feelings. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" week day afternoons at 12:30 p.m. on CBS. And continue rooting for young love.