Chelsea DeBoer announced on Twitter that she had the chance of going away on a girls trip, where she could get some relaxing time without her children. Many of her fans encouraged her to go, including her co-star Kailyn Lowry, who has just given birth to her third son. DeBoer felt bad about going on the trip, as she didn't want to abandon her children at home, even though Cole was there to care for them.

The "Teen Mom 2" star recently revealed that she went on the weekend and she was more than excited that it worked out for her. While fans may have expected to hear about all of the wonderful things she did, it sounds like Chelsea did something that every mother wants to do the first night to herself.

According to a new tweet, Chelsea DeBoer is now revealing that she made the best decision when it came to her Weekend away. Chelsea revealed she went through with her plans, even though she probably did feel guilty. DeBoer needed some time away and Kailyn had encouraged her to spend some time away from her children. She has been with Watson Cole since he was born and now that he's 7 months old, it makes sense for her to spend time away from him, at least one night. Fans encouraged her, telling her it would be healthy for her as a mother.

Went through with her plans

Despite feeling horrible about the trip, Chelsea DeBoer decided to go through with the plans. On Twitter, she revealed that she did not regret the plans as she relaxed.

She also revealed that it was so nice to spend some time with her friend alone, as she hadn't been able to do so with the children around.

One can imagine that Cole was more than eager to watch Watson and Aubree while Chelsea took some time off, as she had been caring for Watson since he was born.

On "Teen Mom 2," DeBoer often stayed at home with Watson as she got her daughter ready for school.

Actions show she's a true mother

While on her weekend away, Chelsea DeBoer did what any mother would do - relax. On Twitter, she revealed that she was glad that she took the trip, but ended up going to bed early and sleeping. It sounds like many other mothers would have done the same thing, as she had one chance of sleeping in before heading back home to her children.

Her tweet about going to sleep early just shows that she's a true mother, as she's caring for her kids nonstop. Caring for a newborn can be exhausting and she's doing whatever she can to make it work.

What do you think of Chelsea DeBoer's decision to go with her weekend away? Do you think she deserved some time off?