On Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," Billy made an important choice. He decided to help Victoria gain the upper hand against Jack, and kept Phyllis in the dark about it. By Friday It was looking like Villy is beginning to bond and Philly may be about to end.

Jack is to blame for Villy getting closer

Jack Abbot is determined to take down "Brash and Sassy" by any means necessary. He has pushed his younger brother to the point that now Billy" is fighting just as dirty as his older sibling. And for that reason, Villy is getting closer every day.

For Billy Abbot, Victoria's company has become a priority over a relationship with Phyllis.

Villy"s success and the demise of Philly will be solely on Jack. He would not stop harassing his brother, and now it may hurt his company. After he raised the rent for "Brash and Sassy" Jack thought his tenants could not pay it, but Victoria got a loan from Neil. At that point, Billy decided to play hard ball and is using his stepmother Dina to do it.

Billy got chummy with Jack's mom and while in her hotel room found her Jabot password on a slip of paper. He told Victoria about it, and she pointed out that the password will only work on a Jabot issued computer. At that moment Billy decided to deceive Phyllis by using her laptop without her knowledge.

Vicky thanks Him for looking out for her and gives him a hug, laying her head on his shoulder.

Billy pulls one over on Phyllis

Billy goes home and immediately takes Phyllis upstairs for some romance. Later as she is taking a shower, Billy uses her laptop and Dina's password to enter the Jabot website. He tells Phylis he had to go back to work and takes the information he uncovered straight to the office and lets Victoria see it.

They find out that Jack wants their products removed from the shelves of Fenmore stores. They don't know Jack pitched the idea to Lauren and she refused to drop "Brash and Sassy" cosmetics from the shelves of her company.

Villy heads straight over to Jabot, and they confront Ashley who has no idea what her brother has been up to.

She later confronts him, and he is stunned, as he wonders how Billy and Victoria became aware of his scheme. Phyllis has no idea that her man has pulled one over on her. When she finds out what he has been up to it will seem to her as if Billy actually cheated with his ex. This new bond between Villy is one Phyllis cannot deal with/ It gives Vicky and Billy yet another connection.