Rumors about Mark Harmon's exit from "NCIS" have been milling around the web for some time now. Fans have a different basis on Harmon's possible exit which includes his alleged frail condition.

Fans noticed that Harmon is thinner than usual, which concerned some. Harmon is not getting any younger, and although fans of the show want to see Harmon in the next season, some have suggested that he take a break so he can get back into shape.

Is Harmon leaving the show?

Despite the rumors, the 66-year-old star can still do his role as Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Hence, he is still part of "NCIS" season 15, and he isn't leaving the show.

Harmon did not address any of the health rumors, but it is apparent that he is still in good shape. However, he admitted that he could no longer work out the same way as before. The actor has been in the industry for over three decades, but before that, he was an athlete. This explains why he is still fit and healthy at his age.

Aside from that, one important reason why he won't leave the show is that he is still under contract. There is also a big possibility that his contract will be renewed since he became very popular as Agent Gibbs.

Harmon shares his story

In an interview on The Talk, Harmon and his co-star, Maria Bello shared some interesting stories.

Harmon talked about his father whom he considers as his real-life hero. His father got injured twice during World War II.

The first time he acquired an injury, he got to keep a parachute with him which was later on sewn as the wedding dress for his mother. Because of this history, Harmon intends to continue his role in "NCIS" which somewhat honors the family legacy.

The actor is also excited about his relationship with Bello's character Jack Sloane. She will be introduced in "NCIS" season 15, episode 4. It is said that Jack will shake up the energy of the show and will make it different from the rest of the seasons.


While waiting for the show's return, fans rely on spoilers and speculations about the upcoming season.

According to CBS, the new season will start with Gibbs and McGee still in Paraguay where they are being held captive by the rebels. They are in a difficult situation, and fans are wondering how they could escape from the hands of the rebels.

Mark Harmon said that the experience would have a big impact on his character. It will also change Gibbs for the better. But with the rough times Gibbs and McGee go through, it appears that this will also be a bit traumatic for them. We will soon find out once the new season begins.

"NCIS" Season 15 is set to return to the small screens on September 26, Tuesday, at 8/7c on CBS.