Charlaine Harris has received wide praise for her novels, starting with her "Southern Vampire Mysteries," better known to some fans as the HBO series "True Blood." The author's "Aurora Teagarden" series has been adapted into a film series by Hallmark that stars "Fuller House" actress, Candace Cameron Bure. Her most recent trilogy "Midnight, Texas" has been brought to life in a summer series of the same name on NBC.

The series follows Manfred Bernado (Francois Arnaud), a con artist and medium, as he runs from his past with the ghost of his dead grandmother (Joanne Camp) in tow.

She promises him that he'll be safe in the town of Midnight, but Manfred quickly discovers the residents are full of secrets. Bobo Winthrop (Dylan Bruce) runs the Midnight pawn shop, and rents Manfred a house that so-happens to be haunted. Fiji Cavanaugh (Parisa Fitz-Henley) is a witch with a bubbly personality and a talking cat called Mr. Snuggly. Olivia Charity (Arielle Kebbel) is a freelance assassin with many secrets and many guns, and is in a relationship with Lemel (Peter Mensah), a vampire with a dark past and a good heart. Joe Strong (Jason Lewis) is a fallen angel, and has found refuge in Midnight for him and his husband, Chuy (Bernado Saracino). Creek (Sarah Ramos) is a waitress that takes an interest Manfred upon his arrival, and has a younger brother with a dark secret.

Reverend Emilio Sheehan (Yul Vazquez) struggles with being a weretiger, and presides over the local church and pet cemetery.

Episode 9 moved to Wednesday

Episode 8 of "Midnight, Texas" will air as usual on Monday, September 11 on NBC. Though due to the Hurricane Harvey telethon (airing September 12 at 8 ET on a variety of networks), episode 9 will air on Wednesday, September 13.

The season 1 finale of "Midnight, Texas" will air September 18.

Episode 8, "Last Temptation of Midnight" finds a faceless supernatural arriving in town in order to bring forth a demon from Hell - the same demon that has tormented Fiji all season. The veil has begun to effect the Midnighters, especially Lemel and the Rev, whose hunger has started to reach dangerous levels.

Meanwhile, Olivia and Bobo come up with a plan to save the town as Creek (Sarah Ramos) continues to struggle with loss. Having recently left Midnight, Manfred is forced to confront his self-medicating.

Episode 9, "Riders on the Storm" features an apocalyptic sand storm, which hides wraith-like spirits that are heralding the arrival of the demon. Bobo (Dylan Bruce) is determined to save Fiji from the demon, while Manfred, the Rev, and Joe seek answers from the past. When the storm becomes too much to handle, Manfred hides the Midnighters in an unlikely place. Olivia (Arielle Kebbel) has a confrontation with Lemel (Peter Mensah) regarding their relationship, while Creek finds a way to help Manfred.

Spoilers for the season 1 finale

Showrunner and executive producer Monica Owusu-Breen has described the world of "Midnight, Texas" as captivating, weird, and fun. She assures fans that there will be a satisfying ending, and will include a turn in the end that will open up for what's to come in the event of a season 2.

The finale is entitled "The Virgin Sacrifice" and sees the prophecy coming to pass as Manfred leads the Midnighters against the evil forces that has taken over their home, in hopes that they can stop Hell from erupting and the demon from taking Fiji. Bobo goes off on his own to save Fiji, while Olivia and Creek go up against the wraiths. Manfred, Lemel, the Rev, and Joe search for a way to kill the demon and close the Veil, leading Manfred to risk his life by seeking help from an unlikely source.