The fans are anticipating seeing Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson together on screen again. They will come back as Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in the last sequel of the ‘’fifty shades’’ trilogy. The teaser came out yesterday, while the initial release of ‘’Fifty Shades Freed’’ is planned for February 8, 2018. The first two movies, ‘’Fifty Shades of Grey’’ and ‘’Fifty Shades Darker’’ were released in 2015 and 2016 respectively and featured the two actors. While some say there’s great chemistry between Jamie and Dakota, we could have ended up seeing completely different faces as Christian and Anastasia.

Charlie Hunnam dropped out

The ‘’Sons of Anarchy’’ actor was actually the first one to be cast as Christian Grey. While he did have some of the physical traits described in the books, many fans didn’t approve of this choice. There was even a petition on to cast another actor as Christian and garnered 20,000 signatures. Because of the reported conflicts related to schedule and other matters between Hunnam and Universal Pictures, he eventually decided to pass on the role. Less than two weeks later, Jamie Dornan was cast.

Ryan Gosling was the original choice for Christian Grey

According to ‘’50 Shades Of Grey’’ author E.L. James, the original prototype for Christian Grey was Ryan Gosling.

While many fans would agree with the choice, the problem was that Gosling isn’t a fan of doing sequels. ‘’Fifty Shades’’ is a trilogy and it wouldn’t make sense to cast different male actors for each sequel so Gosling passed on the steamy flick.

Another actor who was said to be heavily courted by the studio was ‘’Tron’’ actor Garrett Hedlund.

He reportedly wanted to take a shot at it but ‘’couldn’t connect with the character.’’

Fans petitioned for casting "White Collar" actor Matt Bomer and expressed interest in Robert Pattinson as well. There had been rumors in 2016 that ‘’The Vampire Diaries’’ star Ian Somerhalder would replace Dornan in the second sequel but that didn’t happen.

It could be argued that Somerhalder would have done a great job, considering how great his flirty scenes in TVD were.

Lucy Hale auditioned for Anastasia Steele

’Pretty Little Liars’’ star Lucy Hale looked back at the audition in an interview for MTV News. She described it as very awkward and unlike anything she had ever done before. She was interested in the role as she wanted to do something a little different and risky to some extent, but eventually realized it was taking her out of her comfort zone. While it can’t be denied Lucy has the innocent look that fits Anastasia’s description, she just wasn’t feeling the role.

''Game of Thrones'' star Emilia Clarke was offered the role of Anastasia but turned it down.

She claimed she didn’t want to be labeled for doing nudity. She was concerned how nudity requirements would affect her future career.

Felicity Jones is another actress that had been linked to the movie. Fans petitioned once again for her to be cast in the lead role. She sure did meet the physical requirements for playing Anastasia Steele but eventually didn’t land the role.