Seattle Seahawks team member Michael Bennett has come forward with his intention to file a lawsuit against the Las Vegas police department. The celebrity revealed that police racially targeted him during an investigation into a shooting. Bennett and his lawyer are working towards putting their case together.

The celebrity opened up about the experience

According to The Root, Seattle Seahawks member Michael Bennett recently opened up about an encounter he had with the Las Vegas police. He stated that he was in the Cromwell Casino while he and several other individuals heard gunshots from the Casino lobby.

Michael revealed that he and several other people dropped to the floor and began crawling to safety.

He revealed that after a few minutes, he heard a shout from a police officer telling him to put his hands up. Bennett stated that everything happened extremely quickly but that he could not believe that police were suspecting him of the crime, as they had no evidence.

In a report by CBS Sports, Michael Bennett revealed that he remained where he was and did not move an inch. He told the police officer that he was scared and wanted to go home, but that the officer simply told him to shut his mouth. The police officer then proceeded to threaten Bennett by stating that if he did not stay quiet, then he would have his head blown off.

Bennett intends to file a lawsuit

According to CBS Sports, Michael Bennett has revealed his intentions to file a lawsuit against the Las Vegas police department. The police claim that Bennett had been acting suspiciously inside the casino, but Bennett and his lawyer believe that the authorities are simply trying to cover their tracks.

Michael Bennett believes that he was targeted through racial discrimination and that the police should be made to answer for their blatant racism in the situation. Bennett's lawyer has asked for video footage from the casino so that he can verify what the police are saying and argue it in a court of law.

In a report by The Root, Michael Bennett has revealed that the situation changed him forever.

He stated that he had an emotional time explaining what had happened to both his wife and his daughter. Bennett has revealed that the incident caused him to lose a vital sense of security. He said that he will make sure to tell his wife and daughter how much he loves them, as one day he might be targeted by police again and may not make it home.

The police department has not released a statement about their involvement in the incident and the public are curious as to how they are going to handle Bennett's allegations.