Matt Baier was completely innocent when it came to cheating and lying to his girlfriend, "Teen Mom OG” star Amber Portwood. Matt claimed that he had been faithful to his girlfriend, even though the lie detector test had determined that he had made sexual advances on someone named Tiffany. Even though Tiffany isn't known on the show, Amber knew exactly who it was and she completely freaked out after learning about the results. She was clearly upset, as they had planned to get married.

On "Teen Mom OG," Matt kept trying to get Amber back but she wouldn't listen.

She was tired of the lies and on the reunion special, Portwood claimed that Matt stolen money from her. She gave it a second chance by going on "Marriage Boot Camp" but she quickly realized that perhaps this was a mistake. She should have dumped him the first time around, as he continued to make mistakes with her. It sounds like the mistakes may be continuing. After being accused of stealing thousands of dollars from their bank account, Matt decided to post pictures of tickets to the Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather fight in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago on Instagram.

Fans don't believe him

According to a new Instagram post, Matt Baier is now facing some critical followers, as some people believe he's now posting things to get attention.

In the post, he wrote that fans were jealous of them. But it sounds like fans were not jealous at all because they believe the tickets are fake. They claim to look like something you could print off the Internet. Clearly, they were not impressed with his post.

When Matt Baier shared a photo from the fight, it looked like it had been zoomed in quite a bit.

This called into question whether the picture was even legit, as it looks like a picture he had taken from a TV. Fans simply couldn't believe it and they accused him of lying about going to the fight for attention.

"This looks sooo fake! Look at the glare from the TV" one follower wrote, while another added, "It's obvious this was taken from your TV.

Your tickets didn't even look real. You're a sad sad old man."

Did he use her for fame?

During the "Teen Mom OG" reunion special, Amber revealed that she had done so much for him and she felt completely betrayed because he made sexual advances toward someone else. Amber is referring to all the things that she was able to give him because of her fame with “Teen Mom OG.” Before their split, she helped Matt with a book about his life. He probably wouldn’t have had that opportunity if it weren’t for Amber. In addition, he was paid thousands of dollars for appearing on "Teen Mom OG" – money he wouldn't have received otherwise. Perhaps Amber feels like a fool for giving him so many opportunities and then have the feeling that he stabbed her in the back.

What do you think about Matt Baier being accused of posting pictures from the Las Vegas fight for attention? Do you think he's faking these posts to keep his fan base active, or do you think he really went to the fight and spent a lot of money on it?