Miss Amber Portwood is bragging up some pretty hot weight loss on Instagram after her relationship with "lying cheater" Matt Baier cooled. The "Teen Mom OG" star showed off her smaller stomach and massive boob job after a recent plastic surgery makeover. The teen mom professes to be almost to her goal weight, thanks to a tummy tuck, diet, and exercise.

Amber Portwood wows in 'mommy makeover'

With rumors of a pregnant Farrah Abraham, "Teen Mom OG" Amber has had to work hard to keep the focus on herself. Amber was stunned but reality TV fans weren't that her ex Matt Baier is a liar and cheater.

But Portwood is moving on. Her Instagram feed overflows with posed images of her self-reported smaller body. She revealed a tiny tattooed tummy, carefully clothed to hide any cosmetic surgery scars. Her plump face is artfully arranged in the signature side pout (designed to stretch out facial skin and make the face appear thinner).

Amber Portwood obsessed with anorexia?

Hollywood's fat-shaming eating disorder mentality has trickled down to reality television. And Amber Portwood has struggled with near-obesity weight problems. If that sounds exaggerated, you might be surprised at what the BMI (body mass index) scale considers overweight and obese. Amber always seems to be in competition with her slender "Teen Mom OG" co-star Farrah Abraham.

Ex-boyfriend Matt Baier was reportedly interested in Farrah which could spur body image issues and anorexic behavior.

What does Amber Portwood mean by 'goal weight?'

The reality television teen mom purports to be almost at her goal weight but doesn't specify how much she wants to weigh. It isn't even clear if MTV's "16 and Pregnant" star has an appropriate scale number in mind.

The term "goal weight" can be misleading. Is it the weight one "should" be at medically speaking or is it the number one wants to achieve? The "Teen Mom OG" celebrity could have an unrealistic target weight that is too low. She could just be throwing the term around to make it sound like she's dieted and exercised while really cleverly staging and plastic surgery.

Amber Portwood weight loss or plastic surgery?

Instagram can mislead too, especially in selfies. The studio camera notoriously adds pounds, as "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star NeNe Leakes has said. But a carefully positioned iPhone erases flaws and highlights assets. The "Teen Mom OG" star underwent a breast implant procedure which makes mountains of molehills. Plastic surgeons will often do a boob job with a tummy tuck, liposuction or fat-freezing. This makes the stomach appear smaller in contrast to the implants. But regardless, the net result is impressive. Take that, Matt!