Lisa Hochstein from "The Real Housewives of Miami" was one of the many evacuees that decided to leave Miami behind in the days prior to Hurricane Irma made landfall in the FLorida. Many of her former co-stars also decided to leave their homes and many residents of Florida were required to drive days in advance to ensure that they could safely evacuate the state.

Lisa and her husband had no plans of driving all the way to Georgia to get out of harm's way. On Instagram, Lisa decided to share a picture of herself with her husband and herself as they boarded a private plane in Miami.

It sounds like she received plenty of criticism prior to her posting the picture, as her post was all about defending herself and slamming the haters for accusing her of bragging about using a Private Jet to get out of harm's way.

Leaving in style

According to a new Instagram post, Lisa Hochstein announced that she didn't really care what people thought about her way of escaping Hurricane Irma. Apparently, many of her fans thought that she and her husband had rented a private jet and wanted to escape Hurricane Irma in style.

But, as Hochstein explains on her Instagram post, this was far from the case. Hochstein explains that they were far from the only people on the private jet and she even allowed some of her friends to stay at her home on Star Island.

She even explains that she thought fans were being unfair as she escaped from the wrath of hurricane Irma, which approached Florida over the weekend.

"Update: to all of these ignorant people leaving nasty comments... although it's none of your damn business we were not the only ones in this plane. Every seat was occupied and my son had to sit in my lap.

Everyone is posting on SM about how they escaped!" Lisa revealed on Instagram.

Apparently, Lisa Hochstein's followers on Instagram are accusing her of flaunting her wealth as many people's homes are left in shambles. It is possible that Lisa's own home is also in dire need of a makeover once she returns, as she lives in the part of Miami that was flooded.

It seems completely unnecessary for people to slam her decision to leave Miami on a private jet. As Lisa points out in her Instagram post, she and her husband were far from the only people on the plane and it's not like she was trying to escape the Hurricane in style about by renting a private jet. Instead, it sounds like there was just room for them to jump along for the ride as they traveled elsewhere for safety.

Still living fabulous life

Ever since "The Real Housewives of Miami" has come to an end, Lisa has had a son and it sounds like she and her husband are doing better than ever. Lisa remains active in the Miami social circle and it sounds like she is more than eager to update fans about her life on social media.

This could, of course, be the reason why people are so vocal about how she used a private jet to leave Miami when they were asked to evacuate. Perhaps she could have avoided all of the drama by simply posting nothing or just writing something along the lines of wishing everyone well during the storm.

What do you think about Lisa Hochstein being criticized for leaving Miami in a private jet? Do you think this former "Real Housewives of Miami" star should be criticized for the way she handled everything in regards to Hurricane Irma?