Mark Zuckerberg is a proud daddy to his Newborn Baby girl, August. The Facebook founder used his social media page as he officially shared a photo of his little girl. The picture featured him gazing at her sweet little child while sitting on a couch. Meanwhile, his second daughter August stretched her hands close to his father and was staring at him sweetly.

Baby cuddles

The tech mogul shared their first picture on Facebook and in the caption, he wrote, "Baby cuddles are the best." On August 28, the Facebook founder announced the arrival of her second child with his wife, Dr.

Priscilla Chan. It has been their tradition to post a picture of their baby on the social media just like what they did to their older daughter, Maxima.

According to People, Zuckerberg's Facebook post immediately received 2 million likes from his followers. As he welcomed his daughter to the world, the tech mogul wrote, “Your mom and I are so excited to see who you will become.” The new father of two also spent time talking about his childhood. He revealed that it is always important to make time outside the world and enjoy life with the family.

As he welcomed second brood, Zuckerberg previously talked to People, and he revealed about his passion in expanding communication in the world. Apparently, his passion was strengthened knowing that he is going to be a father of two little girls.

Paternity leave

During his wife's pregnancy, the Facebook founder has always thought about the kind of world that his children will grow up with. Hence, it has been his mission to enhance the quality of communication, education, and to help improve health among the people. His wife, Chan, now leads his foundation in promoting equality in the different aspects of life like scientific research and energy.

Meanwhile, Zuckerberg previously shared that he also planned to take a paternity leave. E! News reported that one month after August's birth; he'll be taking a leave to spend quality time with his daughters. He wanted to spend more of his time to August, as well as to his older daughter, Max. He also looked forward to taking his daughters to different adventures as he explained in one of his interviews last month.

Back in March, the Facebook founder officially announced Chan's pregnancy to the social media. Since then, Zuckerberg has been opened about his excitement of raising another strong woman into their family.