Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard University 12 years ago, but he went back on Thursday, May 25 to deliver the Commencement Address to the Class of 2017 and to receive an honorary doctorate degree.

Most people know Zuckerberg's background about Harvard and the beginning of Facebook. He and a group of friends played around with technology to create a platform to communicate among themselves on campus. After two years, Zuckerberg dropped out of the prestigious school to focus on technology. The rest is Facebook history.

Zuckerberg's speech

The 33-year-old Facebook CEO spoke for about 30 minutes to the graduation class.

He was quite transparent about his time at Harvard. At the beginning of his speech, he said the graduates have done something he didn't do. He joked that if he got through his speech, it would be the first time he actually finished anything at Harvard.

Facebook is worth $447 billion. Therefore, it seems ironic that he dropped out and is making that much money and the group he spoke to can't even pay off their student loans after graduating.

Memories of Harvard

The fifth richest man shared his memories of Harvard. He admitted that he was not the typical commencement speaker because he is in the same generation with the graduates. Zuckerberg was the youngest of the other 365 commencement speakers who have spoken before him throughout the years.

He shared that when he received a letter accepting him to Harvard, it was his parents' proudest moment of him. He also shared how he rushed to get to his computer science class one day and didn't realize he had put his t-shirt on backward with the tag hanging out. Only one person brought it to his attention. They became good friends and studied together.

Now that person has a top job at Facebook. The point Zuckerberg made was that it pays to be kind to someone even when other aren't.

The speaker shared that his best memory at Harvard was meeting Priscilla, his wife. They have been married 5 years with a 2 -year-old daughter, Maxima. Last March, the couple announced another daughter is on the way.

Zuckerberg's advice

Zuckerberg advised members of the graduation class to focus on their purpose that will create their happiness. He added that it is not enough to focus only on purpose for themselves, but they should create a sense of purpose for others as well.

Zuckerberg ended his speech with a prayer that he prays often. He said, "May the source of strength, who blessed the ones before us, help us find the courage to make our lives a blessing." Then he said he hopes the Class of 2017 finds the courage to make their lives a blessing.