Angelina Jolie will be once again seen as the Guardian of the Moors in Disney’s Maleficent 2.” The 42-year-old star confirmed the coming of the dark fantasy film’s sequel, which will also set her return to the big screen. Gracing the Telluride Film Festival, Brad Pitt’s former wife teased that the follow-up movie will be fantastic.

The making of the sequel

“We have been working on the script, and this is going to be a really strong sequel," Angelina Jolie said (via Digital Spy).

Although some details about “Maleficent 2” remain under wraps, Disney recently revealed that it had hired Jez Butterworth, “Spectre” co-writer, to rewrite the sequel’s screenplay.

To recall, it was Linda Woolverton who wrote the original script. However, Montrose Press reported that her work needs to be rewritten. Thus, Butterworth will definitely feel the pressure of the first film’s success.

Playing a role in the first movie

Angelina Jolie earlier revealed that she enjoyed playing the character of Maleficent in the first movie.

She said that it was fun when people told her that she would be more noticeable for a great villain. She even revealed that the “Sleeping Beauty” antagonist was her favorite character when she was just a child.

Even though she was terrified of the iconic baddie, she was really “drawn to her.” “I loved her,” she said. Before she played the classic role, she revealed that they had some discussions with the people behind the film about it.

In fact, her brother even called her to convince her to portray as the villain.

Angelina Jolie even unveiled that she can somehow relate to Maleficent. The mother-of-six explained that the powerful fairy is just like everybody else who is being judged of what people think she is. As a matter of fact, she is not what a lot of fans assume she is.

It is not yet revealed if Elle Fanning will once again take the role of Sleeping Beauty or also known as Princess Aurora in “Maleficent 2.” Also, there is no news yet if Brenton Thwaites is going to reprise his role as Prince Phillip and Sharlto Copley as King Stefan.

The hardships of being single

Aside from “Maleficent 2,” there are swirling reports that Universal actually wants Angelina Jolie to be in “Bride of Frankenstein.”

The “Salt” star even talked about what-she-called “difficult year” following her divorce from ex-husband Brad Pitt. Although she might look okay, she disclosed that she is just trying to pull everything together and get through her days.