After seven years, 'Pretty Little Liars' has come to an end. What is there to watch now that has the same mystery, hope, and emotion? The good news is that there are a few shows that (while not quite the same) will offer some of the same feelings and excitement. Let's take a look at four shows that you need to start watching right now, if you haven't already, to fill that 'PLL' void.

The CW's 'Riverdale'

The only freshman show to make it to sophomore year last year on The CW was 'Riverdale'. Based on the Archie Comics, the show opened with one of the biggest questions of the year: who killed Jason?

Fans were led through a series of questions and theories but didn't have to wait quite as long as 'Pretty Little Liars' fans for the big reveal as it was shared at the end of Season 1. The second season will feature another mystery to unfold.

MTV's 'Scream'

Did you love the first three 'Scream' movies? Well, you will certainly love the MTV series. There are already two seasons available, with a third confirmed for next year. The show focuses on Emma Duval and her friends, as people turn up murdered. Who is the masked killer? Season 3 will focus on a different cast and setting but is likely to keep the teen drama and mystery feeling.

Freeform's 'Famous in Love'

Marlene King isn't stepping back after the end of 'Pretty Little Liars'.

The EP has already taken on the show 'Famous In Love', which is already available in full for the first season. Bella Thorne stars as a college girl who gets her Hollywood break. She needs to navigate the waters, and learns that not everyone is there to give her a helping hand. There is still no news about the fate of the show moving forward.

The CW's 'Life Sentence'

If you want to catch one of the "Liars" in another show, then you'll need to tune into 'Life Sentence'. This is a new show coming to The CW next year, starring Lucy Hale. It is about a young girl who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and decided to live her life to the max. When she learns she isn't dying after all, she needs to change her focus in life.

There is no set date for a premiere yet, but it will be sometime in the midseason.

What are you going to replace the 'Pretty Little Liars' void with? While the shows above won't quite replace your favorite teen drama, they will fill the hole a little. There is mystery and destruction in each of them, along with some feel-good and lovable moments.