Only two more months left and we will finally know how and why Lucifer has his wings back. More importantly, we will finally learn who knocked him out and kidnapped him in the Season 2 Finale. According to recent reports, the devil already suspects someone when “Luciferseason 3 opens and this person goes by the name of Sinnerman.

Where we last saw Lucifer

Season 2 left a lot of things up in the air. Where we last left the devil he was determined to come clean to Chloe Decker (Lauren German). After he dealt with his mother and sent her to a new realm, he decided that it was time to tell the detective the truth about his real identity.

However, before he could do so someone knocked him out cold and kidnapped him. He woke up in the middle of the desert shirtless and looking worse for wear. He appeared scorched and clearly parched. Interestingly, he also had his wings back. The last time we saw his wings was In Season 1. Lucifer burned them in front of Amenadiel. The presence of his angelic feathers brings several questions. How did he get his wings back? Did his father give them back? Is Lucifer an angel again?

However, before we talk about his wings we first need to know more about his whereabouts. Lucifer’s predicament in the Season 2 Finale is a mystery. It begs the questions, how the devil ended up in the middle of nowhere and who knocked him out cold?

Viewers may not need to wait long to find out since Lucifer already has a hunch on who is the culprit.

Who is the Sinnerman?

The devil suspects that the Sinnerman was the one who hit him on the head and kidnapped him. Character descriptions for the character from TV Line call him a “slightly depraved criminal mastermind.” It looks like we will be seeing a lot of the Sinnerman in Season 3 since he is a recurring character in the series.

Fox has yet to announce who will play the role.

This is not the first time the show brought up the name Sinnerman. In Season 1 while Lucifer was at Lux he played the piano and sang the Nina Simone song of the same name (see video below).

The devil faces a new adversary in “Lucifer” Season 3

There are no other details about the Sinnerman, although we can assume that he becomes the main nemesis in the new season.

Tom Ellis, who plays the title character, previously talked about a new character who comes in the show, who somewhat becomes the Big Bad in the devil’s life. He said that this person will test Lucifer in ways that he has not been tested yet.