Linkin Park has decided to pay tribute to their former front man Chester Bennington, with their emotional new video they have released. It is being encouraged to watch the new video "One More Light," as it is being spread all over social media. Many people on Twitter have claimed that watching the video has made them emotional, mentioning that they can't even watch it, as it has brought them to tears.

Overall, many claim that they recall witnessing "One More Light" live and remember watching Chester hugging many fans. Evidently, this occurred three weeks before he died, which must have hit the hearts of those fans who were hugged by Chester.

'One more light'

Linkin Park released the official music video for "One More Light", and it's beautiful. Many fans hearts have been broken, as they are being reminded of the one and only Chester Bennington. The video has definitely affected people, as some claim they have felt sadness and pain. Although the video sparks tears for many, it was not meant to make people feel sad, as it was meant to commemorate Chester and celebrate his life.

Heartbroken fans

But of course, his death is something that people haven't gotten over yet. The lyrics of the song are quite powerful.

One lyric that stands out is, "I got a heart full of pain, head full of stress, handful of anger, held in my chest." It is amazing what an impact Chester has left on people. He obviously didn't realize how many hearts he has been breaking, by taking his own life, but he was obviously damaged emotionally and mentally.

Many have watched the "One More Light" video and have shed many tears after watching.

The band appreciates the love, and support from their fans. They have with the utmost respect thanked fans for the grand outburst of love they have expressed following Chester Bennington's death. The band also thanked fans for their continuous support to the former lead singer. Linkin Park also said that the first concert following Bennington's death will be a commemoration of life.

Celebrating life

According to an article by Alternative Press, author Maggie Dickman states that the song "One More Light," was composed with the intention to inspire people and get a message across. It was written to say that with moments like these, sometimes there's only so much you can do for someone who’s facing adversity, but that doesn't mean there's nothing you can can do. You can definitely reach out to those who are in need of support.