When Linkin Park was last heard from, electronic rock was still developing and still edgy. There was something visceral about the way band members screamed on the track letting all of their raw emotions show. Then, the band disappeared for awhile - it happens. When they came back this week with "One More Light," however, something was different. In the eyes of many, something was terribly wrong with the Album.

About the album

"One More Light" is the seventh studio album from Linkin Park. The first record they've ever released with a title track was distributed on May 19, 2017.

Warner Bros. Records and Machine Shop were responsible for the release.

It's the band's first studio album in three years, when "The Hunting Party" dropped. That record was more of a rock anthem and received praise from critics. Linkin Park decided to go in a different direction with "One More Light," despite the successful rock venture. It may have been a critical mistake.

Linkin Park goes pop

Everything about "One More Light" screams pop record. The rock sound is almost wiped from existence, never again to see the shadow of the day. Everything sounds acoustic, and while that doesn't have to be a bad thing, Linkin Park hasn't made their bones being like Coldplay; they've made their bones being like Linkin Park.

The first single of the album should've been an indication that things were different. "Heavy" features the vocals of rising pop star Kiiara, known for her song "Gold." The song has the feel of light, airy single. There's nothing bad about it, so to speak, but nobody comes to a Linkin Park show waiting for the duet.

Nobody can fault Linkin Park for trying something new.

All musical groups need to evolve or face extinction. The issue is that the band has always strayed just a bit from the norm while remaining commercialized. Instead of moving in a more eccentric direction, however, "One More Light" moves to the bland norm of the pop scene.

Chester Bennington is known to get a little screaming done on track.

But "One More Light" never rises above a whisper. The guitars used to do at least some shredding. Who knows if there are any guitars on this album? And where is the identity Linkin Park once so proudly embraced?

Final thoughts on 'One More Light.'

In the week since "One More Light" has come out, its largely been ripped to shreds. Linkin Park has responded in abject anger towards the critics, further marring a once-promising album. Perhaps their harsh judgment is a punk rock response to the negative feedback. But that could also be an acknowledge of the band regretting their own push to something they are not and may not even want to be.

Best Song: "Heavy" (feat. Kiiara) - At the least, it's indicative of the album as a whole.

Worst Song: "Halfway Right" - The most generic song Linkin Park has ever made.

Rating: F