peggy sulahian is one of the newest housewives to "The Real Housewives of Orange County" and this Armenian is quite the character. She came onto the show with an interesting storyline that her co-stars were immediately weary about. She had been diagnosed with abnormal cells and chose to have a double mastectomy, where she had both breasts removed. She wanted to be preventative as her mother had died from breast cancer. Given the previous history of cancer on "The Real Housewives of Orange County," the wives were immediately questioning Peggy's condition.

Even though Peggy Sulahian is proud of who she and where she comes from, even her own husband can't help but laugh at her. He keeps saying these common American sayings and she's often left scratching her head. This is something her co-stars have also noticed, including kelly dodd. While it may be cute now, Kelly reveals that it will definitely be something that annoys her later. According to a new report, Peggy Sulahian may not be so quick when it comes to sayings, but she does recognize bad manners. In her Bravo blog, she's calling out her co-stars, specifically Kelly.

Filming with children

The beach volleyball party that Kelly hosted was the first time that Peggy Sulahian was with all of the ladies.

Meghan King Edmonds chose to stay home, as she and Dodd had been feuding previously, but Meghan may not have added much to the drama between the ladies. As Peggy watched the ladies interact, she told Shannon Beador that she hadn't quite figured her out yet. She was sitting back and taking it all in, but she didn't know where to place Shannon.

Beador took offense to the comment and her insecurities started to show. Surprisingly, in her blog, Peggy Sulahian doesn't talk too much about Shannon. Instead, Peggy has a bone to pick with Kelly. As for the other ladies, she just said it was like filming with children.

A bad host?

"It is fairly rude of Kelly to invite me into her home, be sitting at the table with me, and as Shannon admitted, talk about me.

She had better realize that she is messing with the wrong person. Her pointing of the finger is going to get her in trouble," Peggy Sulahian explains in her blog, sending Dodd a firm warning about her behavior.

Of course, Dodd isn't the kind of person you send a warning to. She tends to flip out and fight back immediately. It sounds like these two may get into a heated argument later on, perhaps when the ladies travel to Iceland.

What do you think about Peggy Sulahian's stern warning to Kelly?