Since the early 2000s, Hip Hop rapper Lil Wayne has taken pass Degrassi star under his wing. We were all introduced to Drake from playing his role Jimmy on hit show Degrassi. Since Drake has been signed to Young Money Cash Money Billionaires, he has made a name for himself in music and entertainment. The connection between Wayne and him is no secret to the public. When Wayne was arrested and sent to jail, Drake covered for Wayne's label, YMCMB. These two men have gone on tours with each other and have been featured on each other's music. No doubt when you put these two on a song, they incredible make hits.

Why his fans love him and will continue to?

Drake music style is different than most rappers in the music industry. He has a soft, mellow, and sensitive vibe that makes some people relate to him on an emotional level. He raps about relationship problems, love, parents, ex-girlfriends, female friends who never made it to girlfriend status, and his hometown Canada. Drake puts a remarkable amount of passion into his music. His music feels like rap and rhythm and blues at the same time. He is one of the artists who has altered the culture of rap from hardcore to sentimental. Wayne allows Drake to be himself and orchestrate his style of music. Before Drake, people were accustomed to rappers rapping about their street life and sexual experiences.

Some other rappers like Wayne, assemble music that is centered around sex, money, his hometown Louisiana, and street life. His uniqueness and authenticity is a part of what makes Drake liked by his fans.

In 2012, Drake launched his own Toronto based label called October's Very Own. His label is a subsidiary label under Warner Music Group's Warner Bros.

Records. He has discovered notable music talents such as PartyNext Door, DVSN, and Tone Stith. The majority of musical artist have been from Canada. Since then, Drake has gone on to open up a restaurant in Canada, OVO sound radio, OVO shoe line, and a strip club. His music has gone platinum on multiple on albums and singles.

Drake got a new tattoo! But of who exactly?

Drake recently got a tattoo of New Orleans rapper Wayne. From the beginning of Drake's music career, Wayne has been a mentor to him. Anyone would understand why Drake would get a tattoo of Wayne's on him. Wayne should be proud of the impact he has made in Drake's life and music career. If it was not for Wayne, would the 30-year-old Canadian rapper be relevant today?