After going through the worst Personal Crisis of her life, Angelina Jolie, 42, is determined to return to work in a film, as an actress. It must be remembered that in the last two years, the artist was working as director and producer of her movies, but now she wants to return to her old vocation: acting. The actress was away from the film sets because she separated from Brad Pitt, 53, who was her partner for more than ten years and the father of her six children. Jolie was very depressed by the situation and only wanted to be at home with the kids to overcome the sadness.

Among her work plans, there is the possibility of making a sequel to the movie "Maleficent," whose idea greatly excites the actress.

Love life

Jolie gave an interview to the Swiss newspaper SoontagsBlick, where she talked about her Love Life. The artist confessed that she hates being single because she finds nothing good in it. For her, the most difficult of these last times has been not being able to work, due to the personal crisis that went through. Now, she is anxious to return to act in a movie, in the next months. She feels able to find the balance between her personal life and her artistic career. Because her children are the priority, Jolie believes that she lacks time to find herself.

She recognizes herself obsessively about raising her kids since she has a hard time allowing them to make their own mistakes. The "Tomb Rider" star defines her children as wonderful because they have supported each other during the divorce process of their parents. They have also supported her in these hard times, despite their young age.

The divorce

Jolie and Pitt have not yet completed the divorce process and are working together to make the separation as painless as possible. They just want the best for their kids, as they do not want them to suffer from the mistakes made by adults. Finally, the main reason for their divorce was known: Pitt has problems with alcoholism.

The actor gave an interview to Gq Style magazine in May of this year, where he talked about his addictions and how much he worked to overcome them. He no longer wanted to live in that way, and thanks to treatment are abstemious.

After they separated, Pitt was linked to the actress Kate Hudson, 38, and Jolie was linked to the actor Jared Leto, 45. None of them spoke to the press about these possible romances, since they preferred to remain discreet about their new love life.