Online games and eSports has steadily been gaining ground through the years. Blizzard is among the leaders and the top supporters of the sport; as proof of their support, they are going to open their own Esports Arena next month.

It is located in the Los Angeles area and carries the name “Blizzard Arena.” The arena, whose owner can’t be mistaken in the name, is located at Burbank Studios. Not only just an arena; this is designed for pros as well as eSports enthusiasts. More importantly, it provides a venue where eSports followers can follow their favorite teams.

The eSports arena is composed of different sound stages and control rooms. There is also practice facilities available for teams to get their strategies and plans cleared up.

Expecting bigger things

There has been a lot of effort put into the eSports arena according to Blizzard. There are also other things to do besides practicing and visiting the arena. Fans can buy Overwatchand other Blizzard merchandise in the store.

The developers are looking at big things for this structure. The arena itself is big, seating around 450 spectators. That’s only a rough view of what events will be when hosted in the Blizzard arena; it really will depend on the kind of an event, whether it’s a launch or competition.

Right now, the developers are keeping their lips sealed on the arena’s appearance when completed.

The developers have been adamant that this is a reaction to the boom of eSports. Recognizing that this is the future of online competitions, the eSports arena is dying to welcome new players to the sport.

Getting ready for Overwatch and others

One of the fastest rising eSports game right now is “Overwatch.” It also looks like it will be the first game to hold an event in the arena; construction progress being what it is, the developers are looking to inaugurate the arena with an “Overwatch” event.

The game has been growing fast.

The franchise has already grown from the mainland US. It now includes South Korea, China, and England. These franchises are also backed by the biggest names in eSports industry. The aim is to develop city-based teams with benefits and packages rivaling those of professional athletes; insurance and retirement plans are being included.

People who want to see the arena should mark October 7 on their calendars. The “Overwatch” competition will kick off that week. Another Blizzard game, “Hearthstone,” will be holding an event in the eSports arena for a week starting on October 13.