Thank you, Riot Games, as fans have been waiting for these updates for a while now. The new trailer features a new Star Guardian in League of Legends. Slowly, we are getting a clear picture of what the new team will be like.

“Star Guardians are destined to protect the universe, but who will protect us?” That is the opening line in the latest League of Legends trailer called “A New Horizon”. So far, they have released two videos related to the new Star Guardian skins. They embraced the anime-themed transformation that was usually used in Japanese animations like Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailor Moon and even the good oldie, Voltez V.

‘League of Legends’ releases new trailer

While the previous “League of Legends” video focused on Lux and Jinx, this time, it’s on Ahri alone. She narrates the video with her thoughts about their fate as guardians saying, “Some say our endings have already been written. But I have stopped believing in fate.”

Another factor that made the video quite interesting, is the music that played all through her narration and transformation. The five new members of Star Guardians were also previewed and Ahri will not be the only magical guardian there is.

Riot Games looks for a better LOL marketing strategy

Riot Games has been experimenting with marketing lately, even producing short music videos that preview more characters – all in the hopes that the anime theme will work.

So far, it is great. Here is the better news, the event is finally live on LoL as they unveil a new game mode and merchandise.

In Riot Games’ merch website, the star Guardian collection was introduced. First, we have a mini-figure of Ahri (chibi type), a Star Guardian varsity jacket (perfect for those who were hyped by the new trailer), different designs of tees, the star Guardian mini plush 4-pack, and even the original Star Guardians are back.

As a team and as mini-figures. The mini-figure set was previously available in China and now it is for everyone to purchase online.

Now, we have our new set of Star Guardians, Ahri, Miss Fortune, Syndra, Ezreal, and Soraka. Each of them received new bios that define everything about them, from their favorite food to the skills they can use to defeat enemies.

They also unveiled the new invasion game mode that will highlight monsters with additional strength to take down Starlight.

Make sure you don’t miss a lot of loot in every League of Legends event by completing missions.