Angelina Jolie confessed in an interview with Sunday Telegraph that she does not enjoy being single.

She said that the year has been filled with struggle and hardships for her and that there is nothing enjoyable about her being single. The 42-year-old actress filed for divorce from Brad Pitt last year, and according to her, it’s been stressful ever since.

The actress is also suffering from medical conditions such as Bell’s palsy and hypertension.

‘I don’t enjoy being single’

Angelina Jolie said that the year has been difficult for her and she does not enjoy being single.

She added that there is nothing nice in it.

Well, if you’re a mother of six children, who would enjoy single parenthood?

The actress said that being single in her situation is just plain hard and there are times when it appears as if she’s pulling everything together, when in fact she’s just trying to get through her days.

Angelina Jolie has issues regarding her health. She said that aside from her children, she has to monitor her health just as well.

The actress expressed how happy and thankful she is that she doesn’t have cancer, and if she does get it, it will not come for a few more years.

Despite the stressors surrounding her including her divorce from Brad Pitt, Jolie says she tries her best to laugh even though she feels sometimes her body has taken its toll.

‘First They Killed My Father’

First They Killed My Father is a new directorial project for Angelina Jolie. She teams with Rithy Panh to give Cambodia an honor through a cinematic saga.

The film begins with a white reporter taking brief pictures of the Khmer Rouge in Phnom Penh in 1975. That is the first and last time the viewers will see a Caucasian cast in the film.

Since the film’s main goal is to pay tribute to Cambodia, the cast would be the natives.

Despite the struggles and hurdles of divorce from Brad Pitt, she is facing, Jolie said that she is still holding up pretty well.

Raising their children on her own might require extensive effort, but the actress said that the children have been helping each other since as much as they are helping her get through day by day.

Jolie also said that now their children are growing up, they are starting to find themselves and their voices.

Finally, she said in the interview that knowing her children have each other’s back gives her peace that when she passes away, she’ll know that they will take care of each other no matter what.