Leeanne Locken may have felt alone on "The Real Housewives of Dallas" when she learned that her only friend on the show, Tiffany Hendra, left the show behind after the first season. The two had been friends while filming but LeeAnne worried about being alone before the second season started filming. When Locken heard that Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman were no longer friends because of something Stephanie said about Brandi's marriage, she saw her chance to step in and be Brandi's shoulder to cry on. This all played out when the show wasn't filming, and fans got an update on the first episode of "The Real Housewives of Dallas" season two.

At the time, LeeAnne felt proud to be Redmond's friend.

But it didn't take long for Brandi and Stephanie to work out their issues. Despite her best efforts, LeeAnne couldn't keep the two friends from discussing their problems. LeeAnne believed that Stephanie didn't have the best intentions for Brandi and she was very protective of her friend. But LeeAnne was shocked that Brandi dropped her as soon as Stephanie came back into her life. According to a new report from Bravo, LeeAnne Locken is now speaking out about what it was like to learn that Redmond didn't want to be friends anymore.

Feels fooled

On "The Real Housewives of Dallas," Brandi revealed that she had a rule in regard to LeeAnne Locken.

She would hang out with her, but she would never invite her over. If LeeAnne showed up at her door, she would talk to her at the doorstep. Redmond revealed that her kids were scared of Locken based on what they had seen. Now, Locken says she feels like a fool for believing that she was ever a friend of Redmond.

"It has been disheartening this week, watching Brandi Redmond completely deny that we ever had a friendship.

Honestly, it's been one of the worst and most painful parts of being on the show thus far. How could I have been such a fool?" LeeAnne Locken wrote in her blog for Bravo, sharing that she feels like a fool for believing anything Brandi said.

Future friendship

Of course, the fact that Redmond and Stephanie have made up shouldn't influence Redmond's friendship with LeeAnne Locken.

However, LeeAnne doesn't trust Hollman and it sounds like she wants to protect Brandi. But the more she interferes, the more Brandi speaks out. The two have been arguing on Twitter recently and it sounds like Redmond is ready to give up the friendship.

What do you think about LeeAnne Locken feeling like a fool for giving Brandi the time of day? Are you surprised that she feels like a fool and do you think the feeling is justified?