Brandi Redmond relied on Leeanne Locken when things went bad with Stephanie Hollman. Brandi was devastated that Stephanie had talked about her marriage in her Bravo blog and in the media. Stephanie had called Brandi's marriage a slow car wreck waiting to happen and Brandi was shocked. They were best friends and she felt completely betrayed by Hollman's comments. On "The Real Housewives of Dallas," the two had been best friends but Redmond questioned her loyalty. When this season began, they weren't speaking. They had a sit-down where they discussed their issues and they decided to get back on track.

Brandi was so excited about it that she may have put LeeAnne on the back burner.

According to a new Bravo report, Brandi Redmond is now speaking out about why she didn't invite Locken to Memphis. As she has previously revealed, the trip to Memphis was an emotional one. She had learned that her grandfather had a stroke and the last thing she wanted was to bring more stress to him. If she had brought Locken, she may have yelled at Stephanie at his house. Redmond had no interest in bringing drama with her.

Dropping LeeAnne

In her Bravo blog, Brandi Redmond explains that she left Locken back in Dallas because she wanted to focus on her friendship with Stephanie. She also points out that she didn't want anyone speaking for her.

Perhaps she felt that their conversation couldn't be genuine with LeeAnne present.

"Given the fact that I was trying to salvage and mend a friendship, I didn’t want anyone else speaking for me. I realized LeeAnne and Stephanie and Cary still have a long journey ahead to mend their fences. I took this opportunity to praise LeeAnne's accomplishments and reassure them that LeeAnne wants a friendship with each of them," Brandi writes in her Bravo blog, revealing that LeeAnne had spoken on her behalf several times and she wanted to create some distance between them.

Fighting on Twitter

Ever since the trip to Memphis, LeeAnne has been questioning her friendship with Brandi. She reveals she felt stupid for giving Brandi her time, as she felt she was dumped the minute that Redmond made peace with Stephanie. The two have been arguing with one another on Twitter and it sounds like Brandi may feel she made the right decision based on Locken's behavior online.

What do you think about Brandi Redmond's comments about leaving LeeAnne in Dallas? What do you think the trip would have been like with LeeAnne there?