Dorinda Medley was proud when thomas d'agostino and luann de lesseps found love with one another because she was the one who had set them up. While Dorinda knew Luann from "The Real Housewives of New York," she knew Thomas from social events from around New York. When she realized that they were both single, she thought they should go on a date together. After a few dates together, they became an official couple. Within months they were engaged and after a year of dating, they got married. However, after eight months of marriage, they filed for divorce.

Dorinda may have been proud that they gave it their best shot, but she realized that some of the issues were unfixable.

Since Luann and Dorinda Medley film "The Real Housewives of New York" together, one can imagine that she has Luann's best interests. Medley has revealed that she doesn't blame D'Agostinos' cheating or his bachelor ways for the demise of their marriage, but instead his constant decisions to hang out with his ex-girlfriends. As it turns out, Thomas is still hanging around some of his hot spots and Dorinda recently ran into him. According to a new report, Dorinda Medley is now revealing that she doesn't appreciate the false rumors that surfacing about her.

Nervous about Thomas?

Apparently, some people believe that Dorinda Medley may have been nervous about seeing Thomas D'Agostino.

She recently attended a tech launch in New York, where Thomas was also hanging out. No word on whether they said hello to one another, but Medley is being accused of spilling champagne on socialite/philanthropist Jean Shafiroff. Apparently, the incident was enough for her to run to the press, where she accused Dorinda of ruining her outfit.

“She just ruined my skirt!’’ Jean supposedly told the press after the event, as if she tried to play the victim.

But Dorinda Medley didn't appreciate the story that was surfacing in the press about her. She didn't think that what Jean was telling the press was true. She never ruined the skirt.

"Biggest bulls*** LIE EVER! @JeanShafiroff get life honey xxxx," Dorinda wrote on social media, revealing she won't allow someone to speak out about her in the press, especially when it is a lie.

Loyal to Luann de Lesseps

Even though Dorinda Medley knows both Luann and Thomas, her loyalty is with de Lesseps. She has revealed that she will be a friend to Luann, as she was the one who had to deal with cheating and lying. Medley won't be spending her time defending Thomas.

What do you think of Dorinda Medley's decision to slam a socialite after a story surfaced about her?