Leah Messer is probably one of the most down-to-earth girls on "Teen Mom 2." She has always put her daughters first no matter what, and she has been very open about her struggle with depression and anxiety. Leah revealed that she went to rehab while filming the show, so she could learn how to cope with her depression to be the best mom she could be. Leah isn't the kind of person to go out and spend all of her money on a few things, so one can imagine she has plenty of money in her bank account. Her co-stars go on lavish vacations and they are buying expensive cars, but Leah seems to put her daughters' happiness first over everything else.

Even on "Teen Mom 2," Leah Messer never really talks about going anywhere. While filming the show, she hasn't really talked about going on vacations or even documented something for "Teen Mom 2." Jenelle Evans has been on several nice vacations, and Kailyn Lowry recently took two babymoons prior to giving birth. But for Messer, it sounds like happiness is in West Virginia with her fleece hoodie and her daughters. When a fan reached out to her about going somewhere in the world, Messer revealed a big dream. According to a new tweet, Leah Messer would love to bring her daughters to Scotland because she has some family roots there.

Anywhere in the world

On Twitter, fans often ask Leah questions and when she asked where in the world she would like to travel, Leah Messer revealed that Scotland was at the top of her list because of her grandmother.

Leah recently revealed that she had lost her grandmother and she was from Scotland. Perhaps she wants to learn more about her family and then pass that knowledge on to her own daughters.

It is possible that Messer has the money to take her daughters to Scotland, as she makes quite a bit for filming "Teen Mom 2." Over the years, the girls have been subject to rumors that they are making thousands of dollars per season, but Adam Lind revealed he made around $250,000 and that the girls make a lot more.

It is possible that Leah is a millionaire as she hasn't spent much of her money on traveling, fancy cars, or designer clothing.

Her role as a mother

These days, Leah is focusing on raising her children while getting an education herself. She chose to study communications and she's doing her schooling online. Not only does she want to set an example for her children, but she also wants them to know that hard work pays off.

What do you think about Leah Messer wanting to go to Scotland? Do you think she should bring her daughters?