Chelsea DeBoer has been filming "Teen Mom 2" for years, but when she films in the comforts of her own home, she's often seen wearing huge hoodies and sweaters. For a while, DeBoer wasn't happy about the way she looked, and she decided to do something about it. She worked out and lost some weight. She shared her journey on social media with fans, and they were surprised at how thin she looked when she had shed the weight. It sounds like Chelsea is back on some kind of thinning regiment, as she's looking rather thin and skinny.

Of course, the "Teen Mom 2" star is planning to have a wedding ceremony next month, where she and Cole will have a huge wedding party.

The two got married last year after learning that they were pregnant with little Watson Cole. They decided to get married, but have a party the year after. That party is happening next month, so Chelsea may have shed some weight to get ready for another big celebration. According to a new Instagram post, Chelsea DeBoer is getting plenty of comments and support for looking as healthy as she does.

Thin look

When Chelsea DeBoer shared the photo of herself and Cole, fans were quick to say that they looked great together. They were all smiles in the photo, and DeBore looked very tiny. She looked a lot thinner and healthier in her Instagram photo than she does on "Teen Mom 2." Fans were quick to post that she looked great after having a baby in January, and some people wondered how she was able to shed the baby weight.

"How are you so skinny," one person questioned Chelsea, while another added, "Wait she just had a baby tho? Body goals."

It is possible that Chelsea DeBoer has worked out, watched her calorie intake and perhaps been on a strict diet leading up to her wedding celebration.

Maybe she has a specific outfit in mind and wants to look stunning on her big day.

Baby fever

On "Teen Mom 2," Chelsea DeBoer and her husband Cole were thrilled to welcome Watson Cole into their lives. On Instagram, he appears to be quite the joy in the family as they continue to expand their family. With two kids and plenty of pets, one has to wonder if Chelsea is thinking about another baby.

On the show, she did hint that she had baby fever and Cole was ready to have another baby. But at the same time, she may want to ensure she's capable of caring for another baby with everything else she has going on.

What do you think about Chelsea DeBoer's thin body? Do you think she's preparing for her big day?