Larry King, the famous Talk Show Host, was involved in a car accident at the heart of Beverly Hills on September 26. The public has deemed King responsible for the crash though no official report has been created as of yet. It appears that there is some ambiguity about who is to blame for the accident and the police have dubbed the scene an accident.

The accident took place in Beverly Hills

According to Faith Family American, Larry King has come to the media attention because of the accident. The talk show host was driving his Mercedes at the time of the accident when he collided with another vehicle.

The authorities were called immediately as the damaged initially looked quite bad given the state of King's car.

In a report by TMZ, Larry King was seen getting out the car and surveying the damage to his vehicle. Photographs were taken at the scene and were later released online. The paramedics looked at both Larry King and the other driver as soon as they arrived on the scene.

The authorities have released a statement claiming that for now, it is unclear who caused the accident. However, in a report by Faith Family American, several witnesses have stated that they believe that King caused the incident. It appears that the other driver is not going to be pursuing legal action against King.

This is not the first car crash

According to TMZ, Larry King has been involved in a number of car accidents in the past. The most notable accident that he was involved in was the former President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. According to Faith Family America, the incident happened in the year 1958.

Larry King drove accidentally onto Kennedy's car who was not too impressed with the accident.

In a report by Faith Family American, King got out of his car to check that the passengers in the hit vehicle were all right. John F. Kennedy was furious with King and allegedly shouted at King for crashing into his vehicle. Kennedy demanded an explanation as to how King could possibly have rammed into his parked car.

In an interview with Pop Matters, Larry King stated that the incident was one of the most embarrassing of his life.

He stated that he was known to Palm Beach at the time and had been looking for shops, but at the time, he decided to keep that information to himself. Instead, he asked Kennedy if he wanted to exchange information, but the former-President-to-be agreed it was not necessary if King voted for him.

There has been no comment from Larry King or his representatives as of yet, and fans are wondering if the 83-year-old should consider giving up his license as his age may be impairing his ability to drive.