Lorde has revealed that Rihanna was the source inspiration for her new album titled "Melodrama." The singer opened up about how one of Rihanna’s songs affected her and how this led her to create some poignant songs for her new album. Lorde addressed her audience at the Secret Sound Sessions concert and admitted this secret to her fans.

The singer opens up about the source of her inspiration

According to Time Magazine, singer Lorde has admitted that Rihanna was a major source of inspiration for her latest album. Lorde stated that Rihanna's song "Higher" inspired Lorde to write her song "Liability." Lorde recalled hearing the song when she was driving her car and stated that she was very emotional listening to the track.

Lorde revealed that she was experiencing the feeling of being too much for someone in their life and was driven to tears by the lyrics of "Higher." She stated that it was a very strange feeling and she was deeply saddened by the emotion that no one could ever love her because of the amount of space that she took up in the world.

In a report by Stuff, Lorde stated that she was so inspired by the track that she went home and wrote about the feelings that she was experiencing and subsequently created the song "Liability." The singer explained that the feeling of being too much is one that a lot of nineteen and twenty-year-olds experience and that she could relate to it in an emotionally charged way.

Lorde revealed inspiration while performing

Lorde revealed that Rihanna was the inspiration for her song before she sung it at the Secret Sound Session​concert on August 29. The singer then proceeded to sing the first line of Rihanna's song "Higher" against the beginning tones of "Liability" and the crowd went wild.

According to Stuff, this performance at the Secret Sound Session concert was the first of Lorde's live performances after the MTV Music Awards.

Lorde has been criticized for her controversial performance at the VMA's when instead of singing the singer decided to offer a different kind of art form to fans.

Lorde and a group of interpretive dancers performed a routine to a remix of the singer's single "Homemade Dynamite." However, there were later reports released revealing that Lorde was sick at the time and was physically unable to sing on the night, though some critics claim that this is simply a cover story because of the controversy.

Fans are delighted that Lorde takes some inspiration from fellow artist Rihanna and are waiting for Rihanna to acknowledge this.