Rumors have been circulating surrounding Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott. It has been reported that the celebrity model is pregnant with her first child and while this has not been confirmed fans have been looking for proof. Neither Kylie nor Travis have commented on the rumors and fans are desperate to know the truth.

The star has expressed her desire to be a youth mother

According to The Mirror, celebrity Kylie Jenner has been very vocal about her desire to be a young mother. The star has had conversations with her father figure Caitlyn Jenner about what the right age is to have a child.

It has been confirmed that when Kylie was dating Tyga, the pair were considering having a child together. However, the couple has since split, and Kylie is now dating Travis Scott.

In a recent episode of Kylie Jenner's reality TV series "Life Of Kylie," several clips about the celebrity's thoughts about children are explored. The episode shows Jenner stating that she has always wanted to be a young mother and consulting both of her parents about their thoughts on the matter.

In a report by Msn Entertainment, a source has revealed that Kylie is now pregnant with her first child. The star only began dating Travis Scott earlier this year in 2017 and fans are shocked to hear about this news.

Jenner pregnant with baby girl

According to MSN Entertainment, Kylie Jenner is expecting a baby girl and is thought to be about four months pregnant. A source has revealed that Jenner and Scott started telling their close family and friends about the pregnancy over the past few weeks now that Jenner has passed the initial twelve-week waiting period.

In a report by Entertainment Tonight, Kylie Jenner has released a photograph of herself and her friends to her social media. This photo shows the celebrity model in a baggy black t-shirt and fans have noticed a baby bump protruding underneath the top.

In a report by MSN Entertainment, a source close to the couple has stated that Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are both over the moon.

The source has confirmed that Kylie is delighted to be pregnant and is looking forward to becoming a mother. The source has also stated that though her relationship with Travis is extremely new that Scott is dedicated and loving towards Jenner and is excited to start a family with his girlfriend.

The news of Kylie Jenner's pregnancy came as a shock to many of the celebrity's fans. They have taken to social media to express their disbelief, many of them claiming that Jenner is simply too young to be starting a family of her own.