There have been many Rumors about the Kardashian family over the years. The media has slammed the family with false news and unsubstantiated stories. One rumor, in particular, surrounds sister Kendall Jenner and her supposed affair with Scott Disick.

The rumors has existed for several years

According to Hollywood Life, there is no shortage of rumors about the Kardashian family, and Kendall Jenner has just addressed one of the most controversial ones. Several years ago, a rumor sprung up that Kendall Jenner had an affair with her sister Kourtney's partner, Scott Disick.

At the time, fans did not know whether the claim was true because Disick has had the reputation of being a womanizer.

In a report by Refinery 29, this rumor was brought up during an hour-long anniversary special for the show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." On the show, Kendall and the Kardashian sisters were confronted with several news articles and magazine covers that centered around controversial topics, one of them being the alleged affair.

Kendall Jenner stated that the rumors were not true and that she did not even realize that people were still covering the story. Her sister, Kim Kardashian, also explained that when they were younger, the sisters would often freak out about these false news pieces and this may be why it was never addressed.

The Kardashian's broke down in laughter at the claims

According to Glamour Magazine, the Kardashian sisters could not help but laugh when the rumors of Kendall and Scott's affair resurfaced. When confronted with the tabloid story the sisters looked to Kendall for her reaction. Kendall was extremely surprised to see that members of the public truly believed that she and Scott Disick had an affair.

The Kardashian family started to laugh at their younger sister’s reaction to the ridiculous rumor and have all confirmed that this rumor is a lie. The rumor originated back in 2015 when Kendall was nineteen-years-old. The celebrity model has vehemently denied this rumor and is currently connected with Blake Griffin.

In a report by Refinery 29, Kendall's mother was not entirely happy with the rumor and stated that these kinds of stories were hurtful to the family and to Kendall's reputation.

It appears that Kris Jenner went into full mother mode as she stated that Kendall was not going to apologize for these rumors.

Fans are relieved to know the truth behind the rumors surrounding the affair, especially as Kourtney and Scott Disick share three children together. Kourtney and Scott are now co-parenting their three children and though not together, have a respectful relationship.