The recent devastation from a series of hurricanes took its toll on the residents who were badly affected. But during these hard times, there were celebrities who used their star power to help those in need. Kristen Bell, for one, performed in an evacuation center for those affected by Hurricane Irma.

Unusual but heartfelt performance

Last Saturday (Sept. 9) Bell performed the popular “Frozen” movie song “For The First Time in Forever” for the children at the Meadow Woods Middle School shelter in Orlando, Florida. Photos and videos of Bell singing went viral after the residents posted them on the Internet.

According to the crowd, Bell even offered some words of encouragement before the performance. She said she wanted the song to help the victims take their minds off of the situation. Bell and husband Dax Shepard weren’t able to evacuate, so they spent their time helping others while being stuck in Florida.

Aside from performing for the kids in the shelter, Bell apparently offered a helping hand and was literally saving people who were affected by the storm. Jennifer Carpenter said that the actress aided in the evacuation of her grandmother and aunt. Bell found them and took them to a safer ground.

According to People Magazine, Bell also saved co-star’s Josh Gad’s entire family from Irma. Gad said they were stranded in Florida and Bell swooped in.

She safely got the family, including Gad’s brother, sister-in-law and his niece and nephew to a hotel.

Celebrities helping out

Hurricane Harvey also left daunting damages that prompted celebrities to donate. According to Business Insider, comedian Kevin Hart started an online campaign to collect funds for rehabilitation. He challenged fellow celebrities to donate $25,000 for relief and recovery efforts.

In turn, Jennifer Lopez, Dwayne Johnson, and Alex Rodriguez responded. Beyonce had also pledged to help her chosen organization.

Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds who is busy filming "Deadpool 2" spared some time to ask for help. He posted a photo of himself wearing a shirt that says, “Hope. Heal. Rebuild.” The shirt was a part of a campaign to raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

He encouraged people to buy the shirt or better yet, to donate directly at

Reports say that environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio also donated $1 million to Hurricane Harvey’s recovery efforts. The money was channeled through United Way Worldwide’s United Way Harvey Recovery Fund. The group said that the money will be spent to help flood victims in their mid to long-term recovery efforts.